Monthly Archives: June 2004

Happy Holidays Dan…

Well, things are a little blue at SGR this week (no, I’m not referring to Jono’s shower-to-bedroom nudie runs), one of our number has left for Europe. Dan (of who has been with SGR since the beginning (all of two and a half weeks) has left for France for ten weeks (a period we […]

Watch out for some disturbing teas!

Well I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed in the entire tea industry. After their marvelous attempt at creating a novel range of flavoured teas, they seem to have let their standards slip. At least that is my view of the matter and I’ll tell you why. Liptons are still number one in my […]

Ask Dr Aunty Joan…

Well, we’ve had a massive bundle of mail this week, generally positive response to the opening of SGR, mostly saying how much better we are then other sites such as Google or Ebay or NSW Health. Between comments of your experiences with Lipton’s new teas (no word from Lipton as of yet), and requests for […]

New tasty teas?

When I first heard of a new range of teas by Lipton (, I was the tiniest bit skeptical ( New flavours such as Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Orange and Honeycomb, seemed unlikely to combine comfortably with the refreshing taste of black tea. Nevertheless, in the interests of having something to complain about, I bought […]

Welcome to Sandgate Road…

Sandgate Road is, as the name suggests, a road. It is not, as the name less accurately suggests, in Sandgate. As well as being a road (or perhaps to be more semantically correct, a street), Sandgate Road (hereafter abbreviated to SGR) is a handsome brick house set a safe distance back from SGR (the street). […]