Monthly Archives: August 2004

Ask Dr Aunty Joan

Well, Dr Aunty Joan hasn’t been able to answer any of your enquiries for some time, what with Athens and everything. She’s been training extremely hard, which is why we here at SGR were so proud when she won gold. This makes her the first woman since the Berlin Olympics to even make the finals […]

The Right Hand…

There is something I must say, and I must say it with a heavy heart: it is a dark day for this city, a dark day for our great state and a dark, dark day for this, our glorious country. In Athens our fine athletes are doing us proud, running, jumping, swimming, riding and throwing […]

Dr Phil’s New Book…

Dr Phil’s new book “How to Not Wear Your Pants” will be released in Australia later this year. Addressing the issues arising from not wearing pants, it contains contributions from the some of the world’s most renown commentators on this topic. When Dr Phil invited me to write the introductory chapter, I was quite amazed.“What […]