Monthly Archives: September 2004

Too much tea!

Regulars here at SGR might be aware of our interest in tea. See entries on 17th and 25th of June, 2004. Last week, as I reorganised the kitchen cupboards, I decided to put all the teas in one place. In doing this, I made a startling discovery. We have a lot of tea. I mean […]

Washing Up

As we established on Monday, we all must eat. (See previous entry if you’re having problems so far). It follows logically then that we all must do the washing up. When plates get used, they get dirty and they need a wash. The same is true for cutlery, pans, bowls, cups, mugs, the cheese grater, […]


If you’ve survived more then a few weeks on this Earth, I’m sure you would have, at some point, consumed some food. Along with oxygen, water, love, and a comfortable pair of shoes, food is critical for our survival. Presumably if you, like me, are relatively well off (I mean in the grand scheme of […]

State of Serenity

What a week it’s been! For the last six days I’ve been living it up in Queensland at the 26th World Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, and what a congress it was! Rubbing shoulders with the Who’s Who of Speech Pathology (or is that “Who’s whom”?) and enjoying the wonderous Brisbane. […]