Monthly Archives: January 2005

Adrian Brickpit

Yes… I remember it as if it were only last week. In actual fact it was this morning. My memory must be going a bit hazy in the autumn years – no doubt it will come good by spring. I was sitting on my writing stool, staring at a blank screen, wondering how to fill […]

Ads on SGR

“What’s this?”, I hear you say (I have acute hearing), “Ads on SGR? I thought SGR was like the ABC!” Well we WERE like the ABC: quality content, something for everybody, satisfactory coverage of Parliment Question Time… But things change, Richard Morecroft leaves, Playschool goes all pinko, Bananas in Pyjamas get beaten by the Wiggles, […]

Only 355 shopping days until Christmas!

Well the so-called “silly season” has come and gone. I’m not entirely sure why they call it the silly season; I don’t feel any less silly now than I did two weeks ago. In fact as I type this, I’m dressed entirely in peaches whereas I wouldn’t have even considered such a thing whilst in […]