Monthly Archives: January 2005

Adrian Brickpit

Yes… I remember it as if it were only last week. In actual fact it was this morning. My memory must be going a bit hazy in the autumn years – no doubt it will come good by spring. I was sitting on my writing stool, staring at a blank screen, wondering how to fill

Ads on SGR

“What’s this?”, I hear you say (I have acute hearing), “Ads on SGR? I thought SGR was like the ABC!” Well we WERE like the ABC: quality content, something for everybody, satisfactory coverage of Parliment Question Time… But things change, Richard Morecroft leaves, Playschool goes all pinko, Bananas in Pyjamas get beaten by the Wiggles,

Only 355 shopping days until Christmas!

Well the so-called “silly season” has come and gone. I’m not entirely sure why they call it the silly season; I don’t feel any less silly now than I did two weeks ago. In fact as I type this, I’m dressed entirely in peaches whereas I wouldn’t have even considered such a thing whilst in