Monthly Archives: March 2005

From the small screen to the big

Are you stumped for something to do today? Are you watching Bert Newton or Hewy with the awfully sickening feeling that this will be the sum total of your excitement for the day? I suppose that depends on what Hewy is cooking – something with a great deal of extra virgin olive oil would be […]

A Quiet Night In…

Television has really gone down the toilet lately, don’t you think? It’s Saturday night and I’m talking to you good people instead of sitting down in front of the TV. I’m not saying that I’m completely stuck for something to do on a Saturday night, just that on this particular evening, when no other engagement […]

Up the Coast

“Ah ha,” I hear you muttering to yourselves in a sarcastic manner, “So you ARE still on the face of this earth.” Well yes I am, and finally able to access the internet in relative privacy – the Coff Harbour Hospital Library. For the last three weeks and for the next two, I was and […]