Monthly Archives: October 2007


So anyways, who actually likes Salt and Vinegar chips? Let me tell you: nobody. They’re rubbish. There was one guy who thought he liked them, but it turned out he didn’t. Besides, he was an idiot who didn’t know what he was talking about. These days he works at Channel Ten advocating for another season […]

Cheques and Faxes

Yesterday I read about an alarm system that, when triggered would: Call the police Take a photo of the intruder and email it to you Place a video call from your security camera to your 3G mobile phone so you could return home immediately to stop the intruder Turn on the coffee machine so that […]


We’re still in pre-launch padding. That’s the trouble with counting down to something, you’re stuck with a finite number of numbers, and here we are jammed between minus one and zero, never a pleasant place to be. Suppose I had the urge to share something with you good folk. Would I be bound by my […]