Monthly Archives: February 2009

Day 22: More Paris than you can handle

Day three in Paris: Firstly we visited the Musée Rodin, a museum dedicated to the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, probably most famous for his sculpture “The Thinker”. Here we enjoyed a great display of his works. I think I surprised myself that sculpture could be as interesting and engaging as paintings or music. If you […]

Day 19: A Tale of the Other City

Well, we’re now in Paris. City of Love. Here’s how we got here: When I last left you, we were aboard a bus heading for Grenoble, or as my old mate Dan calls it, G-town. Shortly after the bus deposited us in G-Town, Dan arrived with his fiancee to pick us up and take us […]

Day 18: A Tale of One City

Bonjour from France! Here’s what we’ve been up to: We decided to head into Cambridge for dinner, it was Valentines Day after all. Cambridge was another unbelievable town. One of the things I find incredible about places like Cambridge is that, firstly it’s full of buildings that are hundreds of years old, but secondly those […]

Day 13: When we were up, we were up…

Whitley Bay did turn out to be quite a nice town. The ocean looked quite beautiful, as well as absolutely freezing. We headed out through Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The city seemed quite nice, from what little I saw. I did recognise some familiar placenames – Jesmond, Wallsend, Gateshead and Morpeth. Next we drove for a couple of […]

Day 12: We took the high road then we took the low road…

  Greetings from Whitley Bay. This is a seaside town, which from what we have seen so far bears a striking resemblance to that stereotypical English seaside town in my imagination. We arrived late last night, so haven’t has the chance to check it out yet. This is what we’s been up to: We had […]