Monthly Archives: February 2009

Day 10: Loch LO-mond

Okay so, scamming some more McDonalds wifi, but this time the MacBook battery is flat, so I’m pecking out some notes from my iPhone. We just stayed two nights in the most beautiful B&B. It was a gorgeous country house in a village called Fintry, half way between Glasgow and Loch Lomond (pronounced with emphasis […]

Day 8: Carlisle to Glasgow

Okay, it’s been a while since we’ve been near the interwebs, which has been nice in a way, and I don’t have a great deal of time now, so here goes:   We left Marlborough and explored Bath. This included taking the waters at the baths – a nice mixture of minerals and metal. We […]

Day 4: From Eucharist to the Motorways

  Our last day in London, and first day on tour! It went thusly:   Hopped up bright and early and attended 8.00 am Holy Communion at St Paul’s cathedral. Like our usual church we were 15 minutes late, unlike our usual church the building dated from the 1670’s and was the crowning achievement of […]

Day 3 in London

Flat chat yesterday. And I think today will be much the same. Here’s the latest, in exciting new bullet form: Breakfast at the hotel: “Continental” breakfast means more or less what you’d have at home. English breakfast is the one to look out for. The Albert Memorial: Built to remember Prince Albert, husband of Queen […]

Europe: Day 2

After a quick breakfast and check to see what was happening on the internets, we packed our day bags and headed into town. There is still plenty of snow about, although now it’s mostly crushed down and icy. We did a “hop on hop off” tour of London today. We climbed on the open topped […]