Monthly Archives: March 2009

Day 42: Dachau

The first site we decided to see in Munich was the concentration camp at Dachau. I personally had no great desire to see the place, to be honest my initial feelings were that I didn’t want to go. But it was an important historical place and we were there, so we took the tour. Dachau […]

Day 39: Austria has no Kangaroos

Sorry but the wi-fi at our current hotel is so slow and unreliable that the full range of photos from this leg could not be loaded properly. Our apologies. -Ed Ed, please stop writing in my blogge. -Tom Shortly after midnight we arrived at our hotel in Vienna. We checked in and slept. Then next […]

Day 35: Ah, Venice…

Our last day in Rome and we were booked in to a bus tour of Pomeii and Naples. Here’s how it went: Our friendly tour guide picked us up at 6.45am. We had been able to make short work of the breakfast buffet earlier so we climbed aboard the bus with pockets full of rolls […]

Day 31: Si fueris Romae

Ah Rome. Built nearly 2500 years ago by two brothers who, by all accounts, were quite well mannered despite being raised by wolves. Here’s the scoop: A more sensible Tom and Anna arrived at the Florence train station with almost twenty minutes to spare before our high speed train pulled out bound for Rome. One […]

Day 28: The Real Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona and Florence

Well, here we are in Florence! I’m hoping this will be a catch up entry as last I left you we were in Paris, and we’ve visited five places in two countries since then! You’ll understand if it’s a bit rushed… Our last day in Paris – we had been saving the pleasure of visiting […]