Wheelie bins – after

Here lies the remains of our two Wheelie bins. May they rest in peace…


  • Anonymous wrote:

    why did you burn your bins? you’ll need them

  • I wasn’t us. It was some person or persons unknown. A vandal, I suspect.

  • That “I” should actually be an “It”. Not that I’m too fussed. But this way it looks like lots of people are commenting on my blog.
    Thanks anonymous.

  • Anonymous wrote:

    i was impressed when i saw THREE comments

  • Anonymous wrote:

    Why did you have a photo of the bins “before”? Who takes photos of their bins? Or is the “before” photo actually a simulation that was actually taken “after” with different bins?

  • Hey, that’s a great question, Anonymous. Actually somebody of the same name already asked a very similar question in the Comments section of the other photo.
    Basically, no, I didn’t have a “before” picture lying about, it is mearly a piece of photographic “jjiggery-pokery” as the pros say.

  • Anonymous wrote:

    Well, I guess that teaches me to not read the comments on both pictures!! (from a cousin of yours, named “Anonymous”)

  • Don’t mention it. Actually, I now have half a mind to do a bit a photo catalogue of my home and contents – you never know when a before picture just might come in handy.

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